Jumping For The Gold!

March 2011 the student blogging challenge began this meme.


Once long ago there was this little 11 year old boy named Jack who loves to hunt so every day after school he would grab his pellet gun and go in his backyard to shoot birds, his parents didn’t care what he did, he just had to be back for supper at 6 and he always was. One night Jack didn’t show his mom and dad waited and waited and waited until they couldn’t wait any longer and went to look for him. As they walked looking for him they found his pellet gun, his parents continued looking… then “BAM” everything went black and the family was never found again! Aha did I scare you? Don’t worry it’s not a real story I just made it up! Interesting stories you hear around the world eh? Some exciting, some not, what ones excite you? Is it Scary, comedy, romance, action, or true stories? All stories start out with an introduction; I like to engage my readers I like them to want to read on. Have I succeeded? Maybe, well before I bore you more let’s get on with my REAL story I’m going to tell you guys about myself  winning in county’s for long jump in grade five.




Two years ago when I was in grade five we had track and field sometime in May! I was really excited and wanted to try and win all my events. My events were long jump, high jump, and 200m. I practiced a lot on all my events but the one I practiced the most on was long jump, sometimes after school my dad would take me up to the school to practice! When we practiced my dad would sometimes jump before me and leave his mark so I could either to get what he got or longer! When the day of the track and field came I was really nervous but believed in myself and tried my hardest. It was close between me and this girl Rachel but I jumped longer so I moved on to regionals. My dad and I practiced for regionals as well once regionals came I came first again and was moving on to counties. The day counties came I was really nervous because I was versing other girls that came first in track and field and regionals but I still believed. What they did for counties was everyone jumped three times and the top three would have to jump again, myself and two other girls were the three that had to verse again. I took a deep breath and tried my hardest I jumped 3.83m and won the gold metal! I was really proud of myself and so was my dad!




In the end I got what I wanted, to win long jump! Everyone was really proud and so was I!


Did you enjoy my meme? I sure hope you did, leave a comment and let me know what you thought of my meme and something you’re proud of!






Election Is On Fire

Welcome guest today I’m going to talk to you about the election that happened a week ago here, you have to be an adult to vote, in my class we had to go to each party’s websites NDP, Conservative, Liberal, and the Bloc Québécois, my teacher left out the green party. We had to learn about each party write a comic and then to write a blog post about whom we would have voted.


If I was old enough to vote I would have voted for NDP, because he proves that Stephen harper has said things he was going to do and never did! Also I understood NDP’s website a lot which helps me understand. Everyone has a different opinion on different things, voting is private you don’t want someone to vote the party you voted just because you voted for that party.


What do you think about the election, what is your reaction about this? Leave a comment and let me know!

By: Courtney W

By: Courtney W

Fast and Slow, Warm and Cool, Hot and Cold?

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What’s “heat”? Heat is the transfer of energy from warmer things to cooler things. Scientist tried figuring out warmth and coldness, they explain heat using a theory called the particle theory of matter, says my science text book “science and technology perspectives”. When particles move fast the warmer the material feels, the slower the particles move the colder the materials feel. When both warm and cold contact each other they both go cold were they move slowly.


–         Particles have spaces between them

–         Particles are moving all the time.

–         Particles move faster when heated.

–         Particles attract each other.


Matter is fast and slow, warm and cool, hot and cold, and that’s what heat does its fast then slow, warm then cool, hot then cold, heat transfers energy from warmer things to cooler things. Pretty cool eh? So what do you think of “heat”? Leave a comment and let me know what YOU think!

Warmth:) Coldness:(!

What are your favourite seasons? There are seasons that you try to keep warm and others where you try to keep cold, how do you keep yourself warm in the winter? Dress warmer, that could work, but what about your house?  Animals have different temperatures to survive, if you have a pet you would have to make sure your pet is in the right temperature. Humans warm there self’s up by using a furnace, fireplace, heater or other. What do you use?


 Keeping warm is good for the winter, but how do you keep cold in the summer? Go swimming? That’s a good way to keep your body cold but what about your house do you use air conditioners or fans? Every season there are different temperatures and in different temperatures you have to keep your body and house at so you don’t over heat or get frost bit. If you work in an office or building, do you heat the building the same as you heat your house? Some buildings have river water running through their walls to keep them cooled down.

So I asked you a few questions, but my main one is to comment and tell me how you keep your homes warm in the winter and cool in the summer!

C.O.L.O.U.R.S! You Got To Love Them :)

COLOURS! Don’t you just love them? I do, our world wouldn’t be the same without colours. Bright or dark they are still amazing to me! Now I’m going to tell you my 3 favourite colours:)!

PURPLE, is one of my three favourite colours! I like dark purple rather than light! This picture below I chose because flowers are really pretty and smell nice! I thought this was a good picture to show you because it is purple and pretty:)

By: Martin Turner

By: Martin Turner








LIME GREEN is another favourite! It’s really bright and colourful, I chose this picture because grass is green and it reminds me of being outside in the summer, and playing soccer!

By: Mutasim Billah

By: Mutasim Billah








BLUE, is my next one! I like blue because it reminds me of waterfalls, waterfalls are really pretty to look at! I chose this picture because I love waterfalls and love to look at them!

By: Bruce

By: Bruce








Those are my three favourite colours! Now what are yours? Why are they your three favourite?

Fun In The Sun!


By: Courtney W

By: Courtney W

Don’t you just love a day when you can get out with your friends and go for a bike ride? Well I sure do! It’s a great way to keep in shape especially if you like playing sports like me! You don’t always have to bike though. You could go for a walk, jog, or even jump rope around your yard. There are lots of things you could think of.

My younger brother loves to bike and for Christmas he got a bike but he had to pay for most of it because it was $500! Now that’s a lot of money! Yesterday my brother went biking with his friends, that night he had a friend named Jake sleepover my brother went to bed around 12:00am and me and Jake stayed up till like 1:30am we were going to stay up till 3:00am to make brownies because it was always my dream but we fell asleep.

The next morning I slept in till 12:30pm I woke up and had a craving for McDonalds! But McDonalds was too far into town. Then I thought of an idea Wendy’s is like 20-30minutes away from my house! so I texted Jake and asked if they wanted to bike to Wendy’s with me, they thought it was a good idea but other people were going to come I thought that was fine, and told them that my friend Madison wanted to hang anyways and that I invited her! Right when Madison got to my house Jake texted me and said they didn’t want to go anymore so Madison and I just went together!

Once we got to Wendy’s with stuffed our self’s with their fast food, after we were done eating we went to the dollar store and bought little kid hats and Slinkys:) we thought they were cool! Right before we left my cousin texted me to come biking with them so we road our bikes to where they were. When we got there me, Madison and all the boys went down a path that lead to jumps, we hit them for bit until it was time to leave me and Madison had to be back by 5 so we could get to her house to eat and so she could finish her homework then we had to go to soccer! Normally at soccer we would have cardio for the first hour or half but we didn’t, so I guess it was a good idea we went for a bike ride! After all, we did work of all the calories from Wendy’s!

Now don’t yeah think that would be fun? I would recommend it to you to try! Do you think you might try something like that? Leave a comment and let me know!

The Adventure Story Of Thumb Dude, Finger Guy, And Evil thumb!

THUMB DUDE, FINGER GUY, AND EVIL THUMB are the characters to my animation video that i made for an assignment the second week of March. This animation video is made out of all pictures! Making the video takes a while, and you have to be patient because you have to take one picture after another.


Thank you for visiting my blog, i hope you enjoyed my video… what did you think of it? Would you want to try and make one?

Compassion is in the house!


By: Courtney W

Do you know what compassion is? Compassion is the feeling of sympathy for those experiencing some type of suffering.  Have you ever felt compassion? An example of compassion is helping others by building homes.

 I read an article about a charity that raises money for people less fortunate, and builds houses for them to live and be safe. Kevin Montgomery bought a Christmas tree Friday that helps fundraise for building houses, the fundraising is being held at home hardware in Chatham. The fundraising continues till Dec, 19 in the same community. This is an example of compassion because people feel sympathy for others, I think feeling compassion for others doesn’t just have to be for the ones you love, the ones you care for, feeling compassion for anyone, people you don’t know, people you dislike. Compassion is your control, you feel what you do you do what you do, and by helping fundraising could change one family’s life! You make a difference you can change one thing.

Do what’s right take a minute of your time and think about it, you can help just by even feeling compassion! Should we do more for the less fortunate? Should we feel compassion for them? What do you think?

Student Blogging Challenge, huh?

By: Courtney Walsh

By: Courtney W

What is the Student Blogging Challenge?  Have a look at Challenge Yourself to Blog (the details are all in the website).   Students can learn how to blog, or improve as a blogger with this challenge, and before long you’ll be a pro blogger!  THE PURPOSE OF THE CHALLENGES is to educate students and assist them in developing their blogging skills.

These challenges I think will be good, and help a lot with blogging, posting posts, getting widgets, organization, sharing with others! Challenges that they have already had, have helped me by added more to my blog to make it interesting, adding photos to my post.

So does the student blogging challenge sound interesting? I think so. Myself and my class will be challenging ourselves in March! Now don’t you think that this will help educate my class and others?